Monday, April 6, 2009

Quarantine (a.k.a. Erin Finally Gets Jeremiah to Review a Movie)

If anyone likes zombies, in both dog and human form, this movie is for you.
If you like massive violence and dismemberment, this is your movie.
If people eating other people alive is your thing then watch this movie right now, even if you're at work!
You might be a redneck if........alright that's enough of that.

Quarantine borrows from The Blair Witch Project
in the way it is filmed, or more accurately, totally rips it off. The acting was the only thing that saved this monsterously annoying piece of crap from bieng a complete waste of time.
I can only assume all of this of course since, I fell asleep five minutes into it.
Oh ....what's it about? One word. Zombie. It has the chick from the Showtime series Dexter in it, Dexter's sister girl not his annoying girlfriend. At any rate, by all means see this movie if like blood, animals being disemboweled, jerky camera movements and a general assault on your eyeballs.

We have a ROKU player and a Netflix subscription, but recently have been renting Amazon on demand movies to get new releases and things that aren't on Netflix's Watch Instantly. I love techonology.
You can purchase this movie via download, and watch it on a device like a Roku, or on your computer.

Or you can rent it (which is what we do)

OR you old school dudes can purchase and watch it on your DVD player (what the heck is a DVD player?) No Blue Ray: Quarantine
Blue Ray:Quarantine (+ BD Live) [Blu-ray]

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Watcher (2000)

The Watcher (2000)

Who doesn't love James Spader? I guess considering my age bracket I must have started liking him from Stargate, cause I know I was too young to see him in White Palace or sex, lies and videotape.
Regardless, I love him in this movie, although watching it again almost ten years later makes me wonder what it was that I liked so much about the movie itself. Keanu Reeves 'the killer' is completely dimensionless, the plot is lacking in most everything other than Spader and Marisa Tomei's perfomances.

It was still fast paced and pretty suspenseful, despite Reeves totally lifeless portrayal (and I'm not one of those people who always pan him, he's pretty cool in my book).

Thursday, February 5, 2009


or Antikorper auf Deutsch.
Do Not Watch this movie if you don't like graphic sex or violence or, well, graphic anything. Do Not Watch this movie if you hate subtitles or copious amounts of blood. Do not watch this movie if you don't like fast paced, heart pounding suspense. Otherwise, have at it. And be prepared.

I loved it. I'm already really familiar with German, so I was able to watch it on the computer while I was working on a crochet project.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

First Movie: 'Shiver'

SHIVER (2008)

I love to read, it makes me feel so relaxed and at ease, so I love to watch foreign films. Shiver is a Spanish film and is in spanish with english subtitles. I was drawn to it mainly because of the mention of Academy Award-winning production designer Pilar Revuelt, who designed and had a big part in the making of one of the best movies of all times (and the first movie Jeremiah and I ever saw together), Pan's Labyrinth. Although the design of the film holds none of the magic or majestry of Pan's Labyrinth, the movie's production shares PL's suspense and tension. There are some amazing shots of Spain, a place I had no idea was so green and lush.

It had some 'Monster Flick' elements and lots of dumb people doing dumb things in horrifying situations. I loved it.

I would definitely reccomend it, especially if you like suspense and foreign films and can ignore some insignificant plot holes.